Hilary Jones: Behind the Squires, Devon 1000 palan palapeli

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Part of an exciting series of sturdy, square-box 1000-piece jigsaw puzzles from Flame Tree, featuring powerful and popular works of art. This new jigsaw will satisfy your need for a challenge, with the charming Behind the Squires, Devon by Hilary Jones. This 1000 piece jigsaw is intended for adults and children over 13 years. Not suitable for children under 3 years due to small parts. Finished Jigsaw size 735 x 510mm/29 x 20 ins. Includes an A4 poster for reference.

Hilary Jones grew up in Somerset but came to London when she was young. She has always loved wildlife and flowers, having gardened with her grandfather when she was little. Although she enjoyed drawing at school, she never had any formal art training, but her love of cats inspired her first successful paintings and they feature in most of her work.

Product details
Jigsaw, square, luxury jigsaw, 1 pages, 1 illustrations
ISBN: 9781839648168
Series: 1000-piece Jigsaw Puzzles
Dimensions: 254 x 254 x 50 mm